Teen Talking about Walking to School in an Average British Household

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So it was Tess’ first day at the new school (actually it wasn’t – it was her first day in a new class having changed year after a few weeks of arriving here in Scotland).  At this stage we still had the car, awaiting our trip back to Belgium to sell.

Try and work out the main reason for Tess not wanting to walk?  Was it really fear of falling down?!!!  First correct answer wins a beautiful lounge suite (hint – it’s all mind maps I reckon…)

At least she finished the day singing…

Another normal breakfast in our home!!  Go Maddie !!  Just like your role model of the time (see link)

(News update: she has walked every day and gets up earlier to meet her mates earlier so they can all walk as a group. Nice one Tess)

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