Smart Weekend -but not quite an egg laying wool milk sow…

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This posting is dedicated to all chickens who have just laid their first egg.A perfect long weekend: camping (well, soft camping in Dot’s garden), friends, turbo-nerf-ball-throwing, G&T’s, fantastic trip to an organic cafe, lager, craft fare, takeaway…

..and the City Car Club alowed us to do this.

And what a day Thursday was: getting our Car Club membership through( the smart card opens the car) and then the Annual (smart card) Bus Pass (courtesy of my employerl!).

Shame these cards are not on one lovely card though, which could do lots of things and provide lots of incentives and rewards for its use. ┬áJust like the egg laying wool milk sow card (or should I say eierlegendewollmilchsau) that they have in Bremen which on one card delivers: car club, bus pass, electronic purse, tourist offers….(see link)

Can’t have everything.


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