Back to basics & (car free) family values…

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All this talk of hypocrisy and rallying (though on the latter we were probably part of only the 1% who arrive at the racetrack by public transport!)…… it was now time to get back to basics and car free family values: a bike ride from Edinburgh to the Falkirk Wheel with Nige.  Bikes and canal paths (ok, and a busy road) for a great 35 miles.

And a journey home via Scotrail – doesn’t say much for our mettle.  But at least there was a public transport option for us.  We had set off in high spirits in spring-like sunshine, but cycled predominantly in heavy drizzle and cold.  Preferred a trip home with a coffee and a bun.

It was the first time I have put my bike on a train.  The bike rack was great, though occupied by one little bike belonging to an equally little boy.  He looked like he was called Dermot.  He looked up at Nige and I and eyed our bikes.  He was very polite, thanking us when we commented on the coolness of his bike and helmet.   I think he thought we were professional cyclists (who of course always catch a train home for the return leg).

We did not disabuse him.

Great ride.  Saw lots of canal boats.  And a canopied small ship.  Super Falkirk Wheel.  Falkirk Railway Station a bit scary.  Mistaken for Lance Armstrong & Greg LeMond.  Not a bad day.

And again – THANKS NIGE! – nice headcam and even better editing.

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